They risk more: in the United Kingdom, Women outnumber men by investing in cryptos

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Women are pointing the way when it comes to considering new investments in cryptocurrencies, doubling their own over the past six months, a new study reports.

The research was commissioned by the London Block Exchange (LBX), a dedicated exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies from the UK, to Opinium Research LLP, who interviewed 2,000 UK adults online between May 13 and 17, 2018. They did previous surveys in 2017, from December 4 to 7.

The study showed that one in eight women (13%) is now thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, compared to six percent at the beginning of the year. In the same period, male interest has stabilized, considering at this time as “growth audience” the female portion.

For the co-founder and president of the Alpha Social Foundation, Nydia Zhang, a non-profit organization for the granting of financial aid, the news is extremely positive:

“There is a growing number of professional women from other industries who cross into the cryptographic space, and there are also increasingly more groups, and blockchain events, for women in recent months, which shows a growing interest in technology,” he said.

Shayda Frost, producer and filmmaker who divides her work between the United Kingdom and the United States, is one of those investors interested in cryptocurrencies. When interviewed by the portal Coinjournal, Frost stated that he had always been curious about investing, but felt that his knowledge on the subject would not allow him to make correct investment decisions.

“I was attracted to the cryptocurrencies because some of my closest friends (all women) were investing in cryptos last year,” confesses Frost. “I was surprised by the yields they were achieving, from very small investments, and I started investing in the three main crypts. My roommate helped me with that, “he says.

The study also notes that women were less concerned about the idea of “missing something” (FOMO) in relation to their investments, compared to men (9 percent women versus 18 percent men). Another finding is that they tend to consult more with family and friends when investing in crypts (17%), while only 11% of men go to others for advice.

Frost reveals that the members of his close environment had a lot to do with his incursion into crypto-investments; thanks to them for their confidence increased:

“As many of my friends had already invested in cryptography, it was easier to get involved in the market. Without their support, I would never have had the confidence to start investing. “

The head of acquisition of contents of Ultra, Jenna Seiden, believes that cryptocurrencies do not opt for a particular genre, and that the chain of blocks is pseudonymous.

He says that the phenomenon of virtual currencies, with their investments, ICO, exchanges and so on, attract men and women alike. According to Seiden, the crypto community is “welcoming and understanding” and is focused on the merits and applications of crypts and their technology. The issue of who and how they contribute more, if men or women, in your opinion, is very much in the background.

“Women will continue to thrive in the cryptographic space as we see more of them take the main stage at conferences, conduct local meetings and bring technology to their businesses,” he concludes.

Credit: criptotendencia 

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