TON Platform and its Basic products | Telegram Open Network

According to the description, TON is a “multi-blockchain“: it provides complex protocols that can be used multiple times and in various variations to increase the flexibility of the platform. One of these protocols is the TON P2P Network, which allows access to TON’s blockchain.

For anonymity, TON Proxy is the proxy layer of the TON network, which will hide the identity and IP addresses of the TON nodes. “As in the” Invisible Internet “project (I2P), this level can be used to create decentralized VPN services and TOR alternatives based on the blockbuster. Together with TON P2P Network and TON DNS, TON Proxy can make any service, including Telegram, resistant to censorship, “says the white paper of the project.

Another key service is TON DNS, a system of domain names that assigns easy-to-read names to accounts, smart contracts, services and nodes and provides access to decentralized services based on the principle of access to sites on the Internet.

TON Storage is a decentralized file storage that is accessed through TON P2P Network using smart contracts (according to white paper, the technology is somewhat similar to the principle of access to torrent files). At the same time, the capabilities of TON Storage are much wider than the “decentralized Dropbox”: it is also designed for decentralized applications with a large amount of data comparable to Youtube and Telegram.

TON Services is a platform for third-party services that provides an intuitive interface for decentralized applications and smart contracts.

TON Payments is a micropayment platform and a network of micropayment channels, which will allow for instant off-tick transactions between users, bots and other services.

The listed components, according to white paper, will be released after the release of the TON Core blockbuster and will increase the potential of scenarios for using the TON infrastructure.

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