Scaling Bitcoin Conference, Tokyo 2018 – Summary

“Scaling Bitcoin – Kaizen’18” – A Nonprofit Engineering Conference focused on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has just ended. Hundreds of Developers, Researchers, Academics got together to 1) present potential solutions to scalability challenges while identifying key areas for further research and 2) provide a venue where researchers, developers, and miners can communicate about Bitcoin development.

Numerous “moonshot” ideas/proposals on Bitcoin Development and improvements were discussed. Some of them are, included but not limited to:
1. Improving Bitcoin throughput
2. Layer 2 ideas (i.e. payment channels, LN, Sidechains etc.)
3. Security and privacy Proposals. Fraud-proof.
4. Turing Completeness on Bitcoin (like Ethereum)
5. Forward Blocks & Omniledger (Basically Sharding on Bitcoin)
6. Atomic Swaps and Improvement to Lightning Network.
and more…

The event was nothing short of a full-blown technological assembly. Great ideas were discussed. Some might actually improve Bitcoin in the near future. Some might remain a PPT file in a dusty laptop. Nevertheless, events like these actually prove that Bitcoin is not done. Yet. Brilliant minds are continuously working on the development to bring the adoption to the masses. Proving the sceptics wrong thus restoring their faith in Bitcoin.

Interested people can watch the presentations and read the transcripts for a better understanding of the ongoing developments in Bitcoin and Blockchain in general.

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Credit: What’s On Crypto & Cointify

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