Predictions of possible Bitcoin scenarios by the End of 2018

Now a days there is  many speculations about the instability presented by the market of cryptocurrencies in general, with the sudden price drops since mid-January and with greater emphasis this past February : icos scam, hacking of important exchanges, Regulations and forced closures in some of the largest crypto economies active in the world have driven widespread mistrust in cryptocurrencies with the underlying price slump in the market.

However, despite this negative outlook, we now know that many of the holders and fervent believers of crypts as a free, decentralized economy have enough reasons to foresee a successful end of the year both at a technological level and at prices.

The Bitcoin is considered more as an asset or safeguard of value than as a current currency, and because of this, we are optimistic about five factors that are to come that we believe will drive the cryptocurrency market in general towards greater market capitalization and course, of prices.

Below is a condensed analysis of these factors to be taken into account by all the holders of cryptocurrency:

1. Regulations

We have seen that Bitcoin and crypts in general are being regulated in the largest economies in the world such as the United States, Russia, South Korea and India; this will undoubtedly stop the issuance of many initial offers of fraudulent currencies (ICOs); which will attract more “institutional” money (fiat) to the cryptoactive space, boosting the capitalization market of Bitcoin and the altcoins in general.

2. Adoption Blockchain

The migration of many corporations (companies) worldwide to blockchain technology this year, will generate the start of many startups using ICO instead of expensive investment plans to reach market funds which will help to grow the market of crypts and greater competition in it.

3. The hour of the utility 

Many cryptocurrencies will begin to be used on a day-to-day basis as common, light and economic payment systems as well as in the profitable industry of video games, in medicine, etc., thanks to a greater adoption of blockchain technology.

4. The Application of the Lightening Network for the BTC

This will undoubtedly lead to a greater adoption of the crypto mother by lowering the transaction costs and the speed of the same, so that the demand peaks of this currency and other similar ones will return as in the beginning. This would suppose a much greater disruption with still incalculable reaches.

5. Futures on Nasdaq

Nasdaq will finally introduce the BTC / USD in mid-June within its regular operations and the entry of futures in BTC. This means an “overall” of the market of almost immediate capitalization from 1.2 trillion dollars to 1.6 trillion.

With this scenario, a growth in the BTC’s future prices of 400% to 600% is foreseen, with a ceiling close to US $ 30,000 expected at the end of 2018 (see graph).


This proves once again that the world of cryptoactives is a medium and long term position, and if you still have your BTC, stay calm, and dispose of them by the end of the year; thus its profitability will be greater.

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