Own networks (mainnet&testnet) Launching Schedules in June.

Starting the VeChain main network (VEN)

Planned date: 30 June.

VeChain, a platform for converting information, with which you can digitize almost any product, which greatly simplifies the control and verification of goods sold on the Internet.

A native token on the platform will be used for P2P transactions on the network. Currently, VEN ranks 16th with a market capitalization of $ 2.07 billion. The cost of one VEN coin is approximately $ 3.8.

Running the main network Ontology (ONT)

Planned date: 30 June.

Ontology (ONT), a unit that plans to combine a system for sharing and identifying distributed data, data collaboration, protocols of procedures, communities, attestation and a number of other industry modules. The project will overcome the gap between blocking technology and the real world, focusing on trust, data exchange, identification and authorization.

Token Ontology (ONT) is currently ranked 19th with a total market capitalization of $ 978 million. The cost of one ONT coin is about $ 8.3.

Starting the main Fusion network (FSN)

Planned date: 30 June.

This project is designed to address the interaction of various crypto-currencies, creating a unified centralized and decentralized organization.

Fusion (FSN) is on the 87th place, its market capitalization is slightly higher than $ 160 million. The cost of one FSN coin is about $ 5.4.

Launching the Theta Token test network (THETA)

Planned date: 30 June.

Theta Token is a decentralized video streaming platform that solves many of the problems that traditional video streaming platforms face.

Theta Token (THETA) is currently at 89th place, with a market capitalization of almost $ 153 million. The THETA coin is trading at almost $ 0.24.

The launch of the main network is scheduled for the end of the year.

Launch of the test network Enigma (ENG)

Planned date: 30 June.

Enigma (ENG) is an off-network network designed to supplement existing blockrooms with a second level of data storage and computation. Anything that can not be done by you, the protocol will provide security benefits and solutions for scaling any blockers that happen in the conventional block systems.

Secret contracts are used by Enigma as an alternative to smart contracts Ethereum. They allow developers to create multi-disciplined decentralized applications that are highly confidential

Enigma (ENG) takes the 90th place and is estimated at $ 2.02 per coin. The market capitalization is $ 151.6 million.

The main network High Performance Blockchain (HPB)

Planned date: 30 June.

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a new kind of software and hardware architecture. It is positioned as an easy-to-use high-performance block. The implementation of the new architecture allows you to support millions of transactions every second.

High-Performance Blockchain (HPB) current occupies the 117th place and trades at a price of about $ 3.66. Market capitalization is almost $ 109 million.

Starting the main network Credits (CS)

Planned date: 30 June.

Credits (offer advantages for divers: it is planned to create a crypto currency in the network, which is capable of processing millions of transactions every second with three seconds for each transaction.

The platform is aimed at the financial sector. The deal on the network is said to be 0.01%, which allows users to make small payments for various things.

Loans (CS) are traded at $ 0.45 per coin, borrowing 177 shares, with a market capitalization of about $ 61.5 million.

Launch of the test network TheKey (TKY)

Planned date: 30 June.

TheKey – this project plans to use the capabilities of blocking and smart contracts to develop solutions for authentication. When the authentication process is completed, the data will be written to the block

THEKEY (TKY) is currently trading at $ 0.014 per coin, with a market capitalization of slightly more than $ 66 million, ranking 164 in the list.

Issue of the test network is scheduled for June 30, 2018.

Running the OriginTrail test network (TRAC)

Planned date: until 29 June.

OriginTrail aims to create a platform that can work on top of any IT system, making it capable of interacting with real-world systems, offering data sharing with all the benefits of block-and-decentralized network technology.

OriginTrail (TRAC) occupies the 190th place, having a market capitalization of $ 54 million, the price for a coin is approximately $ 0.2.

Launch of the Republic Network Test Network (REN)

Planned date: 30 June.

Republic Protocol – creates a decentralized platform where institutions and individuals can trade large volumes without disclosing specific details.

Republic Protocol (REN) is trading at $ 0.095 for a coin Which market capitalization is $ 49.5 million. Currently, the REN token ranks 202nd.

The launch of the main network is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

Running the Dadi core network (DADI)

Planned date: 30 June.

Dadi – creates a decentralized architecture for the democratic Internet and is a platform of web services that offers computing power, data storage and content delivery for business. The team believes that the platform will be able to provide the best solution for the needs of its users.

Token DADI (DADI) is trading at $ 0.185 and is ranked 408 on CoinMarketCap. Market capitalization currently stands at just under $ 15 million.

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