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A Look at Bitcoin from 2013 to Today

The first active crypto, Bitcoin is undoubtedly considered the precursor of the cryptocurrency boom, and although it was once a topic that only some managed, today it is something shared by many millions of people around the world.

What is an ICO? | Detailed information

Many are the doubts that surround when you hear about an ICO. Next, we will clarify questions such as: what is an ICO? how does it work? How to invest? What are the risks? and how to recognize a fraud?

The first results of the Monero hardfork

On April 6, the hardfork of the anonymous Monero cryptocurrency, which was directed against ASIC-mining, took place. The reason for this step was the release of Antminer X3, the new Bitmain’s cryptocurrency miner based on the PoW-algorithm, CryptoNight, to which Monero refers. The devlead of Monero said the new miner could result in the centralization of computing power in the hands of one or more…