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What’s On Crypto – News Week In Review | April 8th to 14th

32,000 Indians signed a petition against the ban on cryptocurrency. On Thursday, April 5, the central bank of India decided to ban transactions with crypto-currencies: financial institutions are obliged to stop the activity related to crypto-currencies for three months. On the same day, India’s crypto community compiled a petition addressing its central bank and prime minister, calling not to stifle the developing technology, but to create a legislative…

The Best 5 GPUs to mine Bitcoin Gold

Before starting, we must mention that there are a number of variables, configurations and memory chips involved, on which we have based to give an average of the best 05 GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) for Bitcoin Gold mining (BTG ).

Predictions of possible Bitcoin scenarios by the End of 2018

Now a days there is  many speculations about the instability presented by the market of cryptocurrencies in general, with the sudden price drops since mid-January and with greater emphasis this past February : icos scam, hacking of important exchanges, Regulations and forced closures in some of the largest crypto economies active in the world have driven widespread mistrust in cryptocurrencies with the underlying price slump in the market.