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How Buy and Hold strategy help with cryptocurrency investments?

In the financial market there is a large number of projects, businesses and operations available that allow users to start investing, however, a large part of these are considered volatile, or variable income, so a strategy was designed that allows investors can take care of their capital, this strategy is known as Hodl, or holding.

What are the most profitable assets that generate passive income?

Finding new sources of income is essential for anyone who wants to have a free life, since money translates into one thing; freedom. Currently there are many ways to generate new sources of income, however, the simplest is to acquire assets, which generate passive income, because in this way, you get money without much effort.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, explained

What is a centralized exchange of cryptocurrency? It is an online platform and the most common way to operate with cryptocurrency. This includes buying/selling cryptocurrencies with fiat money (fiat/crypto pairs) as well as buying/selling cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies (crypto/crypto pairs). They can be seen as an online market for the entire cryptocurrency network.

8 tips to be a successful trader in cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies are now a trend that promises to change the economy worldwide, there are already commercial operations where they are involved, and some countries have chosen to accept this currency as a means of payment, which means that the economic future is in cryptocurrency; Although, most people see them more as an investment and not as a means of payment.

TON Platform and its Basic products | Telegram Open Network

According to the description, TON is a “multi-blockchain“: it provides complex protocols that can be used multiple times and in various variations to increase the flexibility of the platform. One of these protocols is the TON P2P Network, which allows access to TON’s blockchain.